Welcome to the KSM 990 Organizer & Questionnaire Designer

The KSM 990 Organizer helps Katz, Sapper & Miller clients organize their 990 submissions in one convenient place. The new and improved KSM 990 Organizer has several new features to help streamline the 990 submission process.

  • Progress indicator shows which sections of the Organizer have been completed.
  • Visual cues throughout the Organizer explain what type of additional information is needed.
  • Auto-save function automatically saves current changes or sections in progress; exit and return to complete the Organizer at any time.
  • File upload field for a large selection of file types, including Microsoft Excel worksheets, prevents transcription errors from manually retyping data
  • If you need to create an account on the KSM 990 Organizer, please contact Casse Tate.

The KSM Questionnaire Designer helps Katz, Sapper & Miller clients design, send, track and organize their annual conflict of interest questionnaires. Additionally, the Designer provides a platform for customized questionnaires to meet other needs of the organization.

  • KSM provides a template to assist with designing a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire. The template can be added to or edited to suit your organization needs.
  • Functions provided to create a custom Conflict of Interest Questionnaire to suit your organization.
  • Functionality is not limited to conflict of interest. The Questionnaire Designer can be customized for various applications.
  • Once the Questionnaire is created, send to your board with a customized message, and track responses and completion.
  • File download available with questionnaire answers in sortable format.